Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eating out of the 'fridge...

Well, what I've found over the past week is that even while NOT taking pain pills, cooking from a wheelchair or on crutches is not the easiest endeavor. Thankfully, I have the world's BEST friends. They've come to feed, come to help, come to drive - the works. We've feasted on lasagnas, soups, fried rice, tacos, feta-stuffed chicken, name it! It's been delightful and helpful and wonderful. I suggest if you ever get injured, that you hire my friends.

I'm hoping that as I progress in time in the cast with the crutches that I will start to adapt and be able to cook a little bit at the very least. I'm already missing the time in the kitchen with the weeone as well her response to food she's cooked.

So for now I'll read my cookbooks and make fantasy menus and enjoy the fabulousness that is my circle of friends and allow my body to heal.

That's a happy feeling.

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Anonymous said...


MarcAnthony here from Dallas. I just love reading your blog. Every time I read it I get so hungry lol.

At any rate, sorry about the long. I feel your pain having had my left knee reconstructed last spring. How long will you be off your feet?

Hope all is going well with your recovery.



btw- I am a bit health conscious, and I watch what I eat all the time. I was wondering if you were a fan of cajun dishes. I love boudan sausage.