Saturday, February 7, 2009

On my way to being healed!

So those of you who know me in real life know that I have been in a boot for a navicular stress fracture for almost 7 months. A few weeks ago a new MRI showed a bone cyst was not allowing my foot to heal on its own. As a result, very early yesterday morning my mom and the weeone toted me to St. Luke's to have surgery. It was done in their outpatient surgery center.

The whole thing started off with me being asked my name, birthdate and what procedure I was having done and on which foot about 30 times. That's fine by me though - I'd rather do that than have someone cut into the wrong foot! The anesthesiologist came in did a nerve block on my left leg behind my knee so that I would have no feeling along my sciatic nerve. The effects of that would go on to last 12-16 hours and really help with post-operative pain. The next thing I know...I'm awake in recovery!

During that gap the doc removed the bone cyst, took a piece of bone from my ankle and grafted it to the broken bone, securing it all with a screw. Sounds fun, huh? I know you're jealous!

The pain is substantial, but being somewhat managed by pain meds. I go in for a post op follow up on the 16th. Until then I cannot put any weight on my foot. Have you ever tried to balance on one foot while pulling up your pants? It's not easy!!!

So for the time being I'm hanging out in the guest room at my parent's house while the weeone is at her dad's. There's no cooking in my immediate future, but I'll try to post to update you on my progress. I'm hoping that the pain begins to subside soon. It's pretty bad at the moment, but will get better, I'm sure.

I'll gladly take any prayers you're willing to give!!! Thanks!

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