Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sometimes it's about comfort...

Early this morning I was joined by my friends Ellen and Staci at my house so the three of us could play Santa in a way. Two weeks ago I had started making candied jalapenos in large quantities. Ellen ordered some adorable jars from Crate & Barrel a while back as well. So, with all the supplies ready to go, we began jarring our homemade Christmas treats!

In total we filled 96 jars with the fabulous spicy and sweet concoction! I tasted a couple of peppers on the way. They start off pretty sweet but come back with a bite only moments after being in your mouth. They're soooo good!

They'll be labeled and tagged with serving suggestions, including pouring over or mixing with a block of cream cheese and serving with a good cracker, adding a kick to a burger or sandwich, or jazzing up a potato salad. I like the idea of mixing the with cream cheese the best. It would seem more like a dip that way and, well, I love a good dip!

Don't they look festive??? There's still work to do - design a label and a tag, etc, but that's just some computer time and stickers. =)

We finished by 10:30am, but didn't want our fun to end, so we headed to Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant. It's a little family owned dive that Ellen and I have been eating at since we were kids. It's cheap, consistent and pretty good. As an added bonus, their margaritas are only $2.99 each! We had a great lunch and then everyone headed their separate ways to continue on our individual Saturdays.

Tonight? I'm headed to Lights in the Heights ( several blocks of houses with lights, crowds, live music, and fun). I'm going with Staci and her family and we should have a great time! I figure I'll get a bit of exercise tonight and if not, tomorrow morning I'll do the pilates dvd again.

I've written down everything I've eaten and I've had some a good start on my weekly goals. I'll keep you posted! Happy Weekend!

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