Monday, February 1, 2010

A food tracking app that might just be all that!

I've been searching (along with Sarah G.) for quite some time for what we deem "the perfect food app" for the iPhone. Sarah's a dietician by training and in her heart and is the one responsible for finally getting me to drink water as well as me not gaining any weight through the holidays this past year. The next step is to get the scale to start to inch backwards. Part of that process is me tracking what I eat each day, hence the food tracker app quest.

I call it a quest because it's been like looking for the Holy Grail. You'd think that a food tracking app that allowed the user to set Calorie budgets as well as Fat, Carb and Protein Budgets, was something of a mythical creature. We had found one that was so very close to perfect in Tap & Track - a $4.99 investment got you the ability to set Calorie, Fat and Carb budgets, but no Protein (although it would track your protein). But Tap & Track's food database was a bit cumbersome, even though it was quite thorough.

But last night, I believe I found the Holy Grail! - that's what I stumbled upon. It's an online food tracker that has apps for both the iPhone as well as Blackberry. It's free for basic services, but if you want the online version to talk to your iPhone app and you want to be able to set budgets for all the nutrients your little heart desires, it costs a few dollars a month. I felt it was well worth a trial investment to give it a test run. So today was day one using MyNetDiary. So far, so good. Is it the Holy Grail of Food Tracker Apps? I'm not 100% sure yet, but it's looking good so far!

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