Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey Texans...Help Get a Food Related Bill Passed!

In the state of Texas it is currently illegal to sell any food product prepared in a residential kitchen.

12 other states have Cottage Food laws.

These states generally report very few, if any, complaints or incidences of food-borne-illness originating from non-potentially-hazardous foods prepared in residential kitchens.

But in Texas it is currently illegal to sell any food that was made in a residential kitchen. You cannot be licensed for a home bakery.

A group of dedicated cake artists are trying to change that law. (including me!)

Representative Dan Gattis has filed a bill which would make it legal to sell non-potentially hazardous foods prepared in residential kitchens. It is House Bill 3282.

Please call or email your State Representative (find your rep HERE) today and ask him to become a supporter or 'Joint Author' of HB 3282! This will be a signal of broader support for the bill, and it will strengthen it!

To get more information you can visit the Texas Cottage Food Law website at

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Good luck with the cottage bill!