Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crash! Boom! Pow!

Remember in the old television live action version of Batman when there would be a fight and just as Robin threw a punch at the Joker a big POW! would appear across the screen? Well, that happened to me yesterday evening. It did! I was sitting on my bed getting ready to type a post for the blog and POW! the blue-screen-of-death appeared on my laptop. I followed the directions on the screen to restart the computer. I rebooted and just after the Dell bootup page came the CRASH! My sweet little Dell proceeded to tell me there was no bootup sequence. That was it; one little sentence on a pitch black screen. Nothing else would happen.

So I did what anyone would....I rebooted like four more times. Each time CRASH! BOOM! POW!

Next, I called Staci's husband, Rob to see if he could come save the day. He's one of those handy dandy IT guys that we all like to poke fun at right up until we desparately need them. He spent about 45 minutes trying his darnedest to make the hard drive cooperate, but to no avail. Thanks for trying, Rob!!!

This morning I posted a desparate plea on Facebook to anyone who would listen that I needed sweet little Scottish friend, Caroline, replied quickly that I should hurry up and make a date with her hot hubbie! So, tonight my hard drive rests in the capable hands of Scotsman with computer smarts.

I pray he does not hear the CRASH! BOOM! or POW! and calls me in the days to come with the promise of a gift.....of data.

Now that you've read this, please go backup your computer to an external hard drive, a DVD or an online backup system so you don't have the day I've just had. =)

UPDATED: I just wanted to add that I've heard back from Sean - the Scotsman that offered to see what he could do to help me out. The news is not bueno. The hard drive has been wiped clean....there's nothing left to recover. I don't understand, but will have to accept it. Damn.


Benita Bolland said...

That was an awfully familiar scenario! I did have my share of screens turning into blue and laptop crashes. One time, my laptop’s screen turned blue, and a few minutes after, the power went off. I tried to turn it on again, but all my effort was in vain. I took it to my trusted repairman and he said that my motherboard crashed. Fortunately, I was able to replace it with a new one. :-)

Ruby Badcoe said...

If you don’t have an external hard drive, you can try creating your backups online. There are a lot of online backup services these days that allow you to store your personal or business data. It’s easy, safe, and affordable.

Lakendra Wiltse said...

Great point there, Ruby. There are a lot of online backup services these days, and most of them are free! So, you wouldn’t have a reason not to create one for yourself. Once you store your files in a cloud, you’re guaranteed that they are all safe even if your hardware crashes. It’s all secured!