Saturday, October 3, 2009

Summer, thanks for the memories (vacation, part 3)

Summer is a mere memory at this point. School has thrust us into the heart of Fall even if the weather hasn't quite made me long for leaf peeping or any other outdoor activity. I have hope though that I'll soon be wearing shorts and sweatshirts rather than tank tops and looking for every opportunity to get outside.

In the meantime, I'll share the end of our trip to Baltimore, MD and Lancaster, PA this summer to visit with my brother, his wife and kids.

We had already spent our first couple of days on the boat in Baltimore and we headed back to Lancaster to be tourists for a bit and learn how to twist a pretzel and take in a ball game. The part of the trip that the weeone was most excited about was our next adventure....Hershey. The weeone was genetically blessed with a love of chocolate. If you don't love chocolate you can't live in my house. It's a rule. I promise. =)

We spent a day at Chocolateworld and Hershey Park where the kids all had a blast, we saw how they make chocolate at Hershey, we got rained on (don't all amusement park trips include a little rain?), and the weeone rode her first, second, and third upside down rollercoasters!!! I love that she's becoming a rollercoaster junkie! I have someone to ride with now!

After a day of funnel cake, hiding from the rain and flipping around on twisted steel, the kids had a down day hanging out at the house. Collin and Andrew tried to teach the weeone to swing a golf club. God love 'em, they almost got their heads taken off by that swinging club, but they were a determined bunch!

The weeone found new uses for her eldest cousin, Collin. Hey Collin, will you come to Houston and let me use you as a footrest? It might come in handy. =) (On a side note, yes, that is an Ohio State rug in Collin's room. I'm doing my best to sway him into loving LSU and have even forced him to own an LSU tshirt, but he seems to like those Yankee schools! =) )

Our final days were spent back at the boat in Baltimore. The morning of the day we left, Doug took the kids and me out on his little boat for a bit wakeboarding and little tubing. Collin had a great time hopping over the wake. The weeone had blast tubing again (and steering the boat with a bit of help from Uncle Doug). Andrew tried valiantly to get up on the wakeboard and although we high hopes, this wasn't his day.

This trip was the epitome of Summer Vacation.....Thanks Jones family - we had a blast!


Courtney said...

Looks like an amazing trip! As close as i live to Hersey i have never been but we may go some time when our kids get a little older. I always wanted to stay at the hotels and have the chocolate baths with chocolate massage...i think it would be AMAZING!

Looks like such a great trip! I am so glad you all had a blast.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture at the end. I would really like to have a copy of that. That is fantastic!

Colleen said...

It was so wonderful to have you here. I hope we can do it again sometime! Wish we all lived closer! Love you!

Terri said...

Nana - your photo is coming!

Colleen - You're so sweet - it really is a shame we don't all live closer! We'll have to do it again soon!!!