Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vacation's all I ever wanted...part 1

...cue music.

A few weeks ago the weeone and I hopped an early morning flight to BWI in Baltimore. We were headed to spend some time with my brother and his family. Our week was a perfect blend of go, go, go and no, no, no. It was great. We split our time between Me & Mrs. Jones, Doug and Colleen's big boat at the Baltimore Yacht Club, and their house in Lancaster, PA. Here's just a taste of our fantastic week -

I never actually photographed the big boat (Doug has 2 - a big one and a little one). This is the kind of boat you can hang out for a while on - 3 staterooms, 2 heads, galley, washer and dryer. It's a vacation home that floats.

My sister-in-law, Colleen, introduced me to this great cocktail while I was there. You can read about this drink in my Boat Drinks post from last month. I love it!

Here's the Captain, my brother, Doug, relaxing and watching a little golf while the kids were running up and down the docks, playing or swimming up on the hill.

The first day we were there Doug's little boat was having some work done, but Colleen's good friend, Sue, was more than happy to take me, the weeone and my 2 nephews out to do a little tubing. Although the weeone's tubed before, she didn't remember doing it, so to her - it's was a first! She had a blast -

Andrew talked his "Aunt Sue" into letting him bring the boat in. He has his boating license, but hasn't really docked a boat (even a little one) and sent up spinning in circles in an empty slip...but Sue to the rescue and all was well.

Although the weeone loves both of her cousins, she has a special affinity for Collin. They've always gotten along well and for a 14 year old that is starting high school he had AMAZING patience all week for his 7 year cousin. Andrew, on the other hand, had just had a dose of the weeone when he'd been to Houston and was more than willing to let his big brother take the reins!

Ever wonder what happens when a man who has only raised boys tries to brush a 7 year old girl's hair? Chaos...that's what happens!

Day 2 on the boat my brother took us for a good little run to Rockhall, MD to have lunch at Waterman's. It's a great little bar/restaurant known for beer, crabs, and Harleys apparently....lots of motorcycles around.

Uncle Doug at the helm.

The weeone and Aunt Coco were chilling up on the bridge enjoying the view and the breeze!!!

Oh sweet Andrew. A 30 year old sense of humor trapped in a 11 year old body - gotta love him! He was getting ready to help tie up the boat as we pulled into Waterman's.

That's about all the photo loading that I can handle, so I'll save the rest of the trip for another day. There's a parrot and chocolate and more tubing and pretzels and golf and all sorts of fun stuff still left.....I know you're waiting on pins and needles for the next installmant! =)

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