Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come on Baby....Let's do the Twist! Vacation, Part 2

Our trip to MD/PA in August was a week spent with my brother and his family, part of the time on their boat in Baltimore and part of the time at their home in Lancaster, Pa. I told you about the first days a few days ago in Vacation's all I ever wanted...we'll here's part 2!

If you know me or the weeone, you know that we could eat our weight in pretzels. They could be soft pretzels, hard pretzels, big pretzels, little preztels. We don't care, we'll take 'em however we can get 'em. My sister-in-law, Colleen, is pretty much the same way. The difference is that she gets to eat amazingly good pretzels made right in her backyard. Well, not IN the backyard, but pretty close. How cool would it be to have a pretzel factory in my backyard. I need to look into that!

Anyway...Colleen had suggested a trip to Sturgis Pretzel one day. It's the oldest pretzel factory on the east coast and you can do a tour and twist your own pretzel. The weeone thought that sounded like a blast, especially since you got to eat pretzels at the end of it all!

Have you ever twisted a pretzel? It's a pretty neat process. You start with a van full of silly children....wait, no, that's not pretzel twisting, that's something else!

You roll out your dough into a uniform straight line -

Next, you form a U -

Cross the ends at the top -

Twist it again -

And bring the twist down to meet the bottom of the U ( did you know that the three openings inside a pretzel are representative of the Holy Trinity? I never knew that! ) and Voila! Pretzel.

The kids and Colleen think I have a future as a pretzel twister. Of course, no one hires pretzel twisters anymore since it's all done by machine.

The kids enjoyed seeing the inside of the ovens and the boys contemplated tossing the weeone in there....silly boys!

When we left Sturgis, we went to Wilbur Chocolates where we all procured some sweet treats to help us regain our strength after all that pretzel twisting! =) It takes a lot of you, you know!

Finally, we capped off our day with a night at the Lancaster Barnstormers game. The weeone and I are big baseball fans and since we don't sit close when we're at a Houston Astros game, this was a real treat. What is it about minor league baseball that is just so much darn fun????

Clipper Magazine Stadium - Home to the Lancaster Barnstormers -

The weeone inherited this ballcap that had been Collin's, then Andrew's....she was proud!

Uncle Doug bought her a meal in a bucket -

Collin was practicing his photography skills with this shot of Andrew and me-

Then the weeone got her hands on my camera for a few action shots behind home plate -

Uncle Doug and the weeone leaving the ballfield....two peas in a pod.

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