Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cookin' Mamas!

Yesterday afternoon, Staci invited me over to do a little cooking. She had wanted to make the jalapeno poppers that the Pioneer Woman made back at the 4th of July. That evolved into a cooking spree of appetiers and dessert that would take the place of dinner. So Staci sent her 3 monkeys off with their Oma and Opa to watch the Shark Imax at the museum and she and I set our minds to cooking.

Well, maybe we didn't start cooking right away. We were both still hurting a little from a bit too much wine with the girls on my back deck the night before, so we plopped onto her sofas for about 30 minutes or so and watched some Real Housewives of Atlanta. Oh my goodness. If you are ever feeling as if your life is a soap opera, spend about 15 minutes watching these chicks and you'll be convinced that you are the most boring person on earth!!! Thirty minutes was about all we could take, so we got our big booties up off the couch and hit the kitchen.

The Jalapeno Poppers were the main event and came first.....

They were cut in half and then deseeded and deveined.

I know I should wear gloves, but I don't - I don't ever touch the seeds or veins. I have this Pampered Chef tool that is meant for hulling strawberries, but it's perfect for cleaning out jalapenos!

Staci filled them with cream cheese and we both wrapped the little buggers in bacon...

I speared them and they were primed and ready for a hot oven!

Yumminess! The bacon crisped up really well and cream cheese melted into heavenliness. This recipe could be played with a lot too! Staci suggested putting diced dried apricots into the cream cheese. I think that adding diced shrimp or crabmeat would be divine. Definitely a keeper!

The funniest part about the whole jalapeno popper making was that this was the recipe that Staci really wanted to make and when they came out of the oven she announces that she doesn't really like CREAM CHEESE! Okay crazy friend, what were you thinking?

Next up....zucchini cakes, individual raspeberry cobblers and stuffed zucchini was all good!


Megan said...

So that's why she brought the heavenly spread made mostly of cream cheese and butter! She wouldn't be tempted to eat too much of it like I did! Yummy deliciousness...

Terri said...

Megan - I ate too much of that torta she brought too...of course, I didn't eat enough to counteract the volume of wine consumed!!!!