Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Joys of Ramona

The weeone has lost her ever-loving mind. She has. She's seven, thinks she knows best and OBVIOUSLY doesn't. Why, you ask? She is rejecting one of my all-time favorite book characters. She's proclaimed her as "uncool" and "not fun". Whatever. What do you're 7 and haven't even begun to discover the joys of Ramona, the things she does and says, not to mention all the other Beverly Cleary books. And for the record, you little worm, you're just like her.....trouble, all around. Is that the problem? Did we hit a bit too close to home?

How can you possibly not be interested in a book where Ramona eats one bite of an apple, tosses it aside and then does the same to another? If that's not good enough, when she confesses to her mother that she was bad....they end up making APPLESAUCE!!! Hello? Best. mother.ever.written. Who wouldn't want to read about a mom like that????

What's next? Will she proclaim Judy Blume to be lame? If so, she needs to find a new home because that's just sacrilege in this house. Heavens. Whatever am I raising here?


Anonymous said...

HA! The joke is on you. I asked her today what book she was reading and she told me Ramona. I asked her if she is liking it and she said she is loving it!

katygirl (CLBB) said...

freakin LOVE Ramona and can't wait for my girls to read about her. I love that she squirts all the toothpaste out and still has to use it (stored in a plastic bag) Love that she named her doll Chevrolet and love that she loves what-a-burger! Did I mention I love her :)

Terri said...

Yes, tonight she now proclaims Ramona to be "cool" and "fun".

Katy - yep, me too - loved her as a kid and was THRILLED when I figured out that Ramona books were in the weeone's Accelerated Reader reading range....hopefully her new found love of Ramona will stick!!!

The Ellenberg's said...

You are too funny! I loved all the Ramona books! She's crazy not to like it! Only bad thing about having boys is not knowing what books to get them interested in.

Terri said...

Carole - I have lots of friends with boys and I'd be happy to ask for some recommendations when you're ready, but I know that the Flat Stanley series as well as the Magic Treehouse and A to Z Mysteries are great early chapter books for boys.