Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh - I forgot to tell you...

...about Spring Break!

The week of the weeone's Spring Break was also the week I returned to work. We didn't let that stop us from having a bit of fun though! I had just gotten my cast off, so with the help of Nana and Pap, we were able to take a little side trip to San Antonio! The plan was a quaint little drive through the bluebonnets with a pit stop at Buccee's (my total fave road trip pit stop) with an evening arrival in S.A.

We loaded down the car with road food (aka junk), drinks and people and we were off! The ride itself was pretty great. The bluebonnets were beautiful and the weeone, fresh off a unit on Texas at school, was full of information for us all on the state insect (the monarch butterfly), the state flower (the bluebonnet), etc, etc. Pap wasn't listening to me in the backseat, so we missed Buccee's and I didn't let him forget it the rest of the trip. =) We arrived in San Antonio shortly before dinner and I was able to prop my swollen foot up in the room while Nana and Pap headed to the pool to let the weeone have a quick swim. After a dip, some dinner and kisses goodnight, we all settled in for some sleep before a rowdy next day.

Friday we headed off to Sea World! I love Sea World. I love the animals, the shows, the fun of it all!!! We discovered that arriving early had benefits as they opened the front of the park an hour early, so we got to spend time with the Anheiser-Busch Clydesdales and feed the dolphins without too much of a crowd.

Once the park opened at 10am, we set out to see shows, play, laugh and eat as much junkfood as we possibly could. Mission: accomplished! One of my favorite things about Sea World is how "little kid" friendly it is. You can take any age child there and have fun. See? =)

But one of the highlights of this trip was that the weeone officially became a "big kid" by riding her first regular sized roller coaster, the Steel Eel!!! It was so fun. We had a great couple sitting in front of us who made a big deal out of her being the littlest one lined up to ride this big coaster and high-fiveing her at the end when she was aglow with happiness at how much fun the ride was. She's been bitten by the bug and I will now be riding every roller coaster in sight with her!!!

No trip to Sea World could be complete without spending a little quality time with everybody's favorite killer whale, Shamu! As always, Shamu did not disappoint. It was the last show we saw of the day and it was a great way to end a great day at Sea World.

Once we got back to the hotel we had happy hour in the hot tub and pool, ordered pizza and CRASHED!

Saturday morning we checked out of our hotel and headed to the Riverwalk area of San Antonio to spend some time at the San Antonio Children's Museum. They have a great museum and we had a great time.

The weeone and Pap spent some time building things as he imparted his engineering skills on her young mind.

She and I also got to sit in on a magic show! The magician made her float!!!

After the floating and all, we were hungry! So off to the Riverwalk for some good Mexican food. We ate at the Original - it's a great place right in the heart of the Riverwalk and has never let me down....and their margaritas are tasty! =)

Once our bellies were full and the car loaded down with people and stuff...we hopped up onto I-10 headed East. This time, the weeone nor I would let Pap forget Buccees!!! So we stopped and loaded down with snacks again for the ride home.

It was a fast, furious, and fun trip! We topped it off by having dinner with friends when we arrived to celebrate their oldest son's birthday....Happy Birthday R!

So, goodbye Spring Break - hope to see you next year!

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