Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So long Milk... It was nice knowing you!

I haven't cooked a whole lot lately and that is in large part due to softball season and the craziness that brings to the nightly schedule in our house, but it is also in part due to a new food sensitivity/allergy that I'm still coming to terms with.

There is some research that suggests that dairy sensitivity or allergy can contribute to joint pain. Apparently my body thinks it's 105 years old since my joints are pretty sensitive and can be made angry pretty easily. Sooooooo....I'm doing a 3 month trial of eating dairy free.

This. Is. Hard.

I love cheese and lots of things with butter and whipped cream. Oh I could go on for days on the ways in which I love dairy! Askanyone who has ever eaten Mexican food with me and there will be talk of chips and queso and cheese enchiladas or shrimp stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon! Don't worry, I'll still find a way to support my beloved Don Jose's Restaurant! This adventure is teaching me a lot about about what's in a lot of the convenience foods I eat, that's for sure.

On the flip side, I think it's forcing me to eat fewer processed foods and that's good for overall health and wellness.

I'm sharing this so that on the off chance a Vegan reads my blog they can give me some helpful hints. Like, how do I figure out pizza? Soy cheese is gross!!!! What about baking and butter substitutions? What about breads an rolls? These are the hills I'm traversing right now. After all a girl can't live on chicken breasts and broccoli alone!!!

Have any tips?

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