Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some Days I'm Amazed

I know that I have a problem saying "no" to anyone. The result of this insanity of mine is that we have lives that are ridiculously busy. I don't know why I'm nuts, but I am. I could just blame my mother - that's what everyone does, right? And, truth be told, it's probably her fault. She can't say "no" either. But I kind of like my insanity. It's comforting in an odd and ridiculous way.

Today that insanity resulted in a completely nutty day. It started out with me in the ortho's office. Guess what? I don't have a boot on anymore. I have 2 feet. One foot that hurts quite a bit walking, but it's a foot nonetheless. I'm told the pain will fade. I have hope that the doctor knows what he's talking about and in a few days it will be less noticeable.

Next step? Lunch with the weeone. I knew that no one would be as excited as me about the boot being gone, but the weeone was a close second. I surprised her in the Oak Forest Elementary cafeteria with a kids meal from Whataburger and 2 feet. The reaction she gave me was priceless and fabulous and full of the joy that you only see from kids. It was awesome.

Tonight was a Cricket's softball game. They lost. It stunk, but hey - it's teeball and sometimes the kids just aren't in the mood to play. Tonight was one of those times. They all still got snow cones at the end of the game and smiles ear to ear. That makes the long day worth it. Know what I mean?

So, that's why it's 9:00pm and I'm just now eating dinner. It's leftovers of the Lemon Pepper Shrimp Scampi from the other night. It's good a couple of days later....really good. Or maybe I'm just crazy hungry and tired and don't care. Either way, I'm a happy diner right now.

Tomorrow will be another crazy, but fun, day. The weeone and I are both off and will spend some time updating the front flower beds with, well, flowers...and mulch. We're also having a "Hoppy Hour" tomorrow night complete with egg hunt. It should be fun.

So, I can't say "no". The result is sometimes exhaustion, but often it's just fun.

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Nana Robin said...

I do say "NO"! I am getting very good at it.