Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Woohoo...the weeone ate BROCCOLI!!!

The wonders of the universe never cease to amaze me. The Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls and the weeone eating broccoli! =)

We were rushed a bit to get dinner on the table the other night and I didn't really have a plan, but I had some quick items on hand that were easy enough to throw a meal together. Now, I didn't like broccoli as a little kid but came to love it over time thanks to my mom throwing cheese on it some nights. So, on hand I had 2 chicken breasts that were defrosted, a steamer bag of broccoli with Cheddar and bag of Knorr's parmesan noodles (yes, I know they're processed food, but they're tasty and in a pinch they'll do).

I pounded the chicken breasts out until they were of uniform thickness, dredged them in flour, milk and flour again then tossed them in a hot skillet with juuuuuust enough canola oil in it that I knew we'd get a crispy crust. The broccoli was a quick hit in the microwave and the Knorr pasta a boil, toss in, simmer and done - simple. In about 15 minutes, dinner was served.

And the weeone at broccoli! =)

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