Monday, August 24, 2009

30 Days of Beverages - Day 24- The "Back to School" Edition

Yep, today was the big day....the first day of school. The weeone's got this first day routine down pat now. Up and dressed early, fed herself breakfast and was ready to be there early since I was helping to walk new Kindergartners to class. She even posed for a photo by the same tree she's posed by each year. She's cool. She's big. She's in 2nd grade. It was pretty amazing how there were no nerves, no sadness, no need to even kiss me goodbye (although she understood MY need for a kiss goodbye and kindly obliged me). I really realized how far she's come as I watched little 5 year olds cry, cling and worry all the way to their new classrooms.

I'm glad we're at this point. I'm glad she's feeling secure and independent and sure of her place in this building called school. It's a good thing.

In honor of her first day of school, I made a dinner that I loved. =) Is that mean? teeheehee...she liked it though so that should count. But, she did get to play this evening with her friend, Little Mama. Little Mama is Staci's middle child and only girl. She doesn't start school until Wednesday, but could appreciate the excitement of the "first day of school". She stayed to eat dinner with us and was delighted when I revealed that the drink of the day was a treat for THEM!!!

Shirley Temple
for the kid in everyone!

6 oz Ginger Ale ( you can sub Sprite if you'd like )
1 1/2 teaspoons Grenadine
2 cherries

You know what to do, right? =)

I think this is my favorite part of the night....the determined look on their faces as they were digging cherries out of their glasses and the utter delight when they finally succeeded. Cherries....they're one of the great things in life, at least when you're 6 and 7 like these two!

For those of you who are wondering, dinner was Grilled Flat Iron Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce, Seasoned Red Potatoes and Creamed Spinach with Asiago. I'll share it all with you when these 30 days are up....I promise!!!


The Weeone said...

I love it. The blog is very pretty. The first day of school was awesome!

Courtney said...

I am glad she had a smooth transition back to school! She looks beautiful and so grown up.

Shirley Temples are one of my favorite drinks ever. I use to get them all the time as a kid when we would go out to eat and even had one in Florida back in April (since i am pregger and couldnt drink a real drink) at Steak and Shake.

AGirlintheSouth said...

Courtney - I didn't know you were preggers with #3 - congrats!!! I drank Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers and Charlie Brown's and every nonalcoholic "cocktail" I could find while could even spot me with an O'Doul's Amber a time or two!