Friday, August 28, 2009

30 Days of Beverages - Days 28 - College Flashback

Do you remember in college how there would be a scramble on Friday or Saturday night to order a keg, pick up a keg, ice down a keg, and then float a keg? Those were great days. You collected what you could to cover the $65 it was going to cost because that was a LOT of money to us then.

A week or so ago I got an evite from my friends, Bobby and Rhiannon, for a Happy Hour / Swim Party / Keg Party for tonight. It was such a great idea since this was the first week of school. Everyone needed to blow off some steam by 5pm today. So we headed over there tonight to hang out with good friends, have a beer / wine / cocktail, melt in the heat a bit, have some yummy food and just generally have fun.

So, the drink of the day....

Yep, a keg. But this wasn't the keg of my college days - it wasn't Milwaukee's Best or Lone Star - it was Dos Equis (XX). A keg of good beer. Oh what a night. The kids swam and played until they were exhausted. The parents milled, mixed, mingled and cocktailed until they were delirious and a great time was had by all.

Thanks Bobby and Rhi!


Kim said...

I spontaneously made the MMMmmmmm sound when I saw the XX...

Hey, if you get a chance, have some St Arnolds for me!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMMM

AGirlintheSouth said...

I know, I love a good cold, lime-filled Dos Equis myself! And never fear, there's almost always some Saint Arnold's in our house. We live about 10 minutes from where they make it, so we've toured it and also been there for events - great little brewery!