Monday, August 10, 2009

30 Days of Beverages - Day 9 -KISS

KISS - It was a great 70's rock band. It's a sweet thing between a parent and child. It can be a pretty hot thing between the right man and woman. But's just Keep It Simple Stupid! It was a crazy weekend and I needed a simple end. There was NO WAY I was touching another beer on Sunday....

Friday night was a silly fun night of lots of girl talk and baby Coronas...yum! Saturday was the George Strait concert with a friend...lots of beer. So when Sunday rolled around and I hadn't had much sleep was in desperate need of detox and at a loss of what to do for my 30 Days drink....I visited the beer fridge in the garage...and found this. Hard Apple Cider, a sweet little hair of the dog that actually help me sleep better...have you tried it?

First you have to have a cool and pseudo-antique bottle opener...that's key! (a gift from Staci last year- thanks dear!)

Then....prop your feet up on a deck after a light rain and enjoy...sweet and refreshing when that's what you're craving -

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Anonymous said...

I do love a hard cider, and if you can get your hands on it, there is a brewery out of Quebec called Unibroue, and they have an apple-flavored beer called Ephemere that is wonderful. Less sweet than the cider, but with a distinct green apple bite to it (as opposed to some other fruit beers that just have a vague fruit touch to them).