Tuesday, August 4, 2009

30 Days of [Blank] - Day 3

Yep, I'm late. I have a great excuse, though. Wanna hear it? Yesterday evening the weeone had a birthday party to go for least favorite place in the world....Chuck E. Cheese's! Boo-hiss for the big blue rat! I can't stand the place. The weeone, however, loves it as do all her cohorts...hence the party. The kids had a blast and pretty much dominated the place. I guess rush hour in Houston isn't when the happening crowd hits the "Cheese's" for happy hour!

The kids played, ate pizza, danced with the rat while the grown-ups (or so we're told that's what we are) chatted, gossiped, wished they had a bar, commiserated and laughed. I had a good time, but by the time we got home I was ready for a party for one. =)

That brings me today's (well, yesterday's) drink for my 30 Days of Drink Recipes. I wanted something alcoholic after the birthday party and something light and summery. A friend had gifted me the book "Any Bitch Can Drink" a few years ago, so I started flipping through the 180 pages of cocktails and landed on this one. A cross between a Cape Cod (my standby) and a Margarita (always a treat), the West-Texas Sunrise sounded perfect!!!

You start with all of crushed ice.

Do a little of this....and if you have this great citrus juicer it's simple....

So you put it all together and you do the hokey pokey and this is what it's all about!

Pretty, huh? Tasty too!

It was delightful. A perfect mix between my two favorite drinks, it almost tasted like a Cranberry Margarita - the tart of the cranberry, the crisp of the lime and woohoo of the tequila! Now, here's where the excuse comes in....the recipes makes 4 and I didn't read that part until the drink was made....and we are in a recession, so I wouldn't want to waste anything.... =). So rather than drinking and blogging, I decided to post today. This drink gets 2 thumbs up from me and will be repeated sometime down the road when these 30 days are up!

West-Texas Sunrise
from Any Bitch Can Drink

6 oz Cranberry Juice
6 oz Tequila
Julice of 4 limes
Crushed Ice

Put all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake well and pour into wine glasses. Serves 4.


Kim said...

ok, this one will be made sooooon! I love cosmos, cape cods, -etc- and looooove tequilla!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great drink! I did not have any fresh limes left so I used lime juice. I did have to add some splenda since it was tart from the bottled lime juice. I think if I had used fresh limes that would not be necessary. I will for sure make this drink again and again and again!

AGirlintheSouth said...

This is a tasty one and I'm glad to hear that both of you are game....and Nana, next time you're going to make me!

cheryl said...

Very delicious- what a fun idea. :) I hope to try all your recipes!

cherylopal from clbb