Thursday, August 6, 2009

30 Days of Beverages - Day 6 - Honey! It's Happy Hour!

First, I have to confess that this is not going to be about the drink I had planned for today. I had one of my all-time favorite cocktails booked to play this gig, but as it often does, life intervened and didn't let me get to Spec's (our fabu, huge, mother-ship of a liquor store) today to buy the one ingredient I didn't have on hand! But never fear cocktail loving friends...I found another and here is how I arrived at it -

This Sunday my mom and dad leave on a week long cruise. They head out of Galveston, Texas and will ride the seven seas (well, the Gulf and the Atlantic) to the Bahamas and somewhere else that I can't remember right now! They're really looking forward to it and are sure to have a blast. I have mom on a side-mission to scope out the Atlantis Resort...I think it'd be a perfect vaca for the weeone and me next year! Anyway, they're leaving for a week.

The day before my parents arrive back in Houston, the weeone and I will hop a jet plane and head to Lancaster, PA, by way of BWI -my favoritest(new word alert!) airport ever. We're going to the Amish Country to relax and commune with nature absent of electricity and modern conveniences like computers and cell phones - you know, really disconnect and get away from it all. HA! Can you imagine? Me, the girl who won't camp, trying to be Amish?!?!?! There's a really bad reality show in there somewhere. Anyway, we're going to visit my brother, Doug (or as the weeone calls him, Uncle Dougie-poo-poo-pants), his wife ( my fab sister-in-law ), Colleen (Aunt Coco), and the 2 coolest guys under 18 I nephews, Collin and Andrew.

2 weeks is a LONG time in the weeone's mind as well as Nana's for those two to be separated. So, tonight, we (the weeone, Nana, Pap and me) headed out to our favorite little Mexican dive - Don Jose's. My family's been eating there since I was five. It was our regular Friday Night Dinner when Doug and I were kids. I have a point, really -

So, when I had to pick a new drink for today, I kept in mind that Don Jose's margarita's were in my future. Being a girl who learned long ago that "beer before liquor = never sicker and liquor before beer=never fear" and that not all liquors mix well, I chose something with Tequila.

Wow...that was a long story just to say I wanted something with tequila in it! =)

I stumbled across a Honey Bee Cocktail...sounds sweet, huh? teeheehee. Yep, I'm a dork.

The recipe claims to serve 4, but I stand firm that this recipe makes 2 cocktails! It's very similar to a margarita, but the honey gives it a unique flavor that makes the tequila really come alive. It's a great option on a hot day when you're craving something on the rocks.

Honey Bee Cocktail

8oz tequila
2 oz honey
Juice of 2 limes

Combine tequila, honey and lime juice in a shaker and mix well. Pour into glasses with ice. Serves 4. (I say 2!)

Hey - Check out the monkey in the palm cute is he?!?!?!

For those who've missed my chats about funny things the weeone has said and done...suffice it to say I'm taking notes and will have an arsenal by the time this 30 days project is up! Just to tide you over - A couple of week's ago she told my mom, "Nana, it's good that you're handicapped because we get good parking!".

And here's the photo face I get lately when I pull out the camera.....she's moody, that 7 year old girl...but I love, love, love her!!!


Kim said...

ok - another one for me to try - LOVE my tequila! PS - MISS SPECS!!!

AGirlintheSouth said...

Oh, the mother-ship, I mean Spec's. I love the place - everything you could ever look for, PLUS helpful and knowledgeable staff - can't beat it and I'm headed there today!