Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just who are they talking to???

During the summer, the weeone tends to watch more television than normal. Go ahead, call me a bad mom. I've braced for it. It's okay. I'm here to take your wrath. I let my 7 year old sit on a comfy couch, completely zoned out and watch True Jackson, VP or The Suite Life or Endurance. I should be hung by my toenails! =)

So, in the course of all of this evil tv-watching, she also watches a lot of commercials. I expect to hear about the kids' toys. For example, last fall just before Christmas she would run from the room, completely excited and breathless to tell me all about Bend-a-roos and how if we would just "act now" we could get the supersized set! Sometimes she tells me I need those bra strap adjusters that she sees on the commercials on tv.

But the past few weeks have really put the cherry on top of the sundae in terms of how kids are influenced by commercials on tv. You see, the weeone has been tossing out a new phrase as of late. Perhaps you've heard it? "Power to the people!!!" I couldn't for the life of me figure out where she heard it. But then I was watching tv last week - live tv - a novel thing since the beginning of DVRs. But I digress...

Have you seen any Progressive Insurance tv ads lately? Power to the People!!! Congratulations Progressive, you have managed to influence a 7 year old who does not have the ability to buy your services. I suppose those are advertising dollars well spent. =)


Courtney said...

This is too funny! Dont feel bad i find myself allowing too much Tv as well! Especially when my 4 yo boy thinks he need a pair of glittery pink Heidi High Tops lol.

Terri said...

Ahhhhh...skechers. They're marketing masters when it comes to kids. Of course, I love them, so I let their evil ways slide a bit!